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Posted by Veronique on October 28th, 2018

Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta – Day 2

Maggie is at the Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta this weekend. Here are some more fan photos from day 2. Photo credits: @HiDizzle20, @BrainsGoneBad, @DavidHarknessJ1, @Max_Long13, @crazyred1970, @EchosWarrior, @murray_downing, @Tha_Mist, @rachelalyson, @myalibi, @melissabrecken, @arclite58, @laurencarlson76, @teenteen27817, @tiffanylkopyar, @deathstar_joey, @kevinzegers1984, @nurseleslie88_10, @agentbacardi, @walkrstalkrcon, @hurcaneman, @jennaelfman, @moore.madisonn, @shallowbay, @franksylar, @nickgoodjohn, @_gaytattoo, @katylady23, @sydnicap92, @clexaftwayhaught, @started_from_the_bottom_73, @starksheda, @Auburn_mma, @carreyholic, @Barry_Bratton, @Mag_Huang, @caitlinpalmer9, @pulliamedgar, @realryangm, @amandacintron36, @twd_jerry_cosplayer, @kimberl_y70, @jimmy_mcafee, @hey_its_norman_, @djconstantineau, @amandac_rosa & @gojira415

And here are also 2 videos posted on instagram by @kingofbingo & @danaygarcia1:


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The Secret Art of Human Flight
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In the wake of a tragedy, a grieving widower turns to a mysterious self help book from the dark web written by an eccentric guru, which promises to unlock the power to fly.

Incident on 459

Maggie as Valerie

A psychologist with a special needs son boards a transatlantic flight containing a demonically possessed passenger.

Blackwater Lane

Maggie as Rachel

Late one night a woman drives by a stranded motorist who is later revealed to have been murdered. After a series of terrifying events the woman believes she is the killer’s next victim.