Welcome to Maggie Grace Fan, the latest online resource dedicated to the talented actress Maggie Grace. Maggie has been in movies such as "The Fog", "Taken (2 & 3)", "The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn - Part 1 & 2" and "The Hurricane Heist". She has also been in TV shows like "Lost" & "Californication" and she's currently playing Althea in AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead". This site is online to show our support to the actress Maggie Grace, as well as giving her fans a chance to get the latest news and images.


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Current & Upcoming Projects

The Secret Art of Human Flight
Maggie as Wendy

In the wake of a tragedy, a grieving widower turns to a mysterious self help book from the dark web written by an eccentric guru, which promises to unlock the power to fly.

Incident on 459

Maggie as Valerie

A psychologist with a special needs son boards a transatlantic flight containing a demonically possessed passenger.

Blackwater Lane

Maggie as Rachel

Late one night a woman drives by a stranded motorist who is later revealed to have been murdered. After a series of terrifying events the woman believes she is the killer’s next victim.